Why Choose American Braiding?


  • CUSTOM BRAIDING We have the capacity to develop specialty products to meet your specific needs and the aggressiveness to pursue this market.
  • DROP SHIPMENTS When the need arises, we can drop ship direct to your customer using our shipping media or yours as the situation dictates.
  • FLEXIBLE PACKAGING We can ship in 1, 5, 10 or 20 pound spools, reels, bulk pack, in coils, or to specific lengths.
  • PRIVATE LABEL PROGRAM At your request we can private label product to enhance your own marketing position.
  • JUST IN TIME INVENTORY PROGRAM Provide our Sales Staff with your sales projections and we will maintain backup stock on hand to meet your emergency needs.
  • VOLUME BASED INCENTIVE PROGRAMS Work with our Sales Staff to design custom volume based programs.


  • WIDE CAPABILITY We have sold over 1,000 different National Stock Number items from category 5330 direct to the government.
  • ITEM IDENTIFICATION We have an extensive company database as well as other resources to identify the right items for you.
  • EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE We are familiar with various paperwork and packaging requirements of government shipments, let us make it easier for you.


  • EXPERIENCE We already ship to countries all over the world and are familiar with the special requirements of our export customers.
  • PAYMENTS TERMS We can handle a wide variety of payment options to meet your needs.
  • WIDE PRODUCT SELECTION Our wide product mix can allow one stop shopping.